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Mardin Stone

Natural Stones are the oldest construction materials used by humans in different civilizations and constructions. Mardin natural stone has been used in the constructions in harmony with architectural projects successfully throughout history. It is a construction material challenging the years in terms of strength in the buildings.

Mardin Limestone took its name from the settlement of ancient Mardin city of 8000 years old and no any other natural stone has such a strong reference. It is Mardin Limestone that makes Mardin city, whose name means CASTLE in the ancient languages, so special and beautiful.

This natural stone, used in majority of the constructions, has a unique feature thanks to easy-to-process, strength, durability, and insulation characteristics. Due to its feature and beauty, Mardin Limestone is applied easily on the doors, windows, small columns, arches, and other basic components of the buildings with rich and various motifs.

Mardin Limestone is soft, charming and has honey color when extracted from quarry. Besides easy-to-process ability which creates the opportunity of mechanic application; that its pores don’t have contact with each other maximizes the insulation feature. Providing very good insulation in hot and cold climates, it saves energy at high rates in the buildings it is used.

Another miracle of this natural stone that takes your constructions to the future is the fact that it can preserve specific color and pattern which will make your constructions look just like the first day in all the restoration works which you will carry out with the same materials although long years pass. Therefore, there will not be any visual pollution. Mardin Limestone is also resistant to every kind of physical and chemical decomposition in the highest degree.

With Mardin natural stone, we not only guarantee the transfer of your constructions to the future generations; but also we are proud of presenting natural stone quality which embraces nature both in interior and exterior spaces. Mardin Limestone’s durability and insulation feature will be pride of those who apply it in every kind of climate conditions and geography.

Besides its quality and easy-to use feature just like ancient Mardin city, which it is named after and is the meeting spot of civilization, Mardin Limestone is a construction material which takes your works to the eternity as a friend of environment which doesn’t include any chemicals except for natural materials. That Mardin Limestone can preserve its genuine beauty is of vital importance in terms of ensuring the long-lasting customer satisfaction.